What is a baby shower party

What is a baby shower party ?

What is a baby shower party ?


What is that a baby shower party ?

What is its origin ?


  • A baby shower is an antenatal celebrating celebrated during the summer term of pregnancy from the 7th or 8th month and which finds its origin in the traditions latino American.
  • Generally organized by the friends or by the future mom, baby showers owes be a moment of conviviality and of cocooning to celebrate baby's next arrival and the passage of woman's status to the future mom.
  • An occasion unique to surround the interested of benevolence to prepare her childbirth and her maternity calmly and to share the advices and the experiences of the moms with the future mother.
  • And to celebrate this happy event to come, entertainments, workshops, cake shops and presents for baby are rigorous.
  • A sweet table is proposed with in central detail the traditional diaper cake accompanied with sweetnesses to welcome baby and his future happy parents.